What’s Next?

for Classes

  • CONFIRMATION: You should have received an email confirmation with classes dates, times & locations. (If you did not receive an email, please login to your account and verify that your email address is correct).
  • NOTIFICATIONS: Classes will begin as scheduled. You will be contacted by the KCE office if there is a change to the schedule due to low enrollment, instructor conflict, and/or unplanned school activities.
  • WEATHER: In case of inclement weather, please visit our website. If school is cancelled, ALL Kenston Campus KCE Activities are CANCELLED. You will not be notified by the KCE office when school is cancelled.
  • TRANSPORTATION: We are thankful for the support of Kenston Local Schools and the Transportation Department to get your child(ren) to their registered KCE Activity. Due to a shortage in bus drivers, KCE activities requiring transportation may be limited to the space available on the shuttle bus. If you can transport your child to their after-school activity, please let the KCE office know so that more spots can be made available.
    HANDWRITTEN PICKUP NOTE REQUIRED: Parents/Guardians must provide a handwritten note to the school office prior to the activity date and for each activity that your child(ren) is enrolled in.

for Sports