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2015 Fall / 2016 Winter Catalog

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Youth Activities
NEW! Individual Piano Lessons
    T 9/1-11/30 call for 1/2 hour class
Pee Wee Karate
    Beginners, TH 9/3-10/15 6:30pm
    Advanced, TH 9/11-10/16 7:30pm
First Lego League
    FLL Jr. - Grades K-3rd & FLL - Grades 4th- 8th
Empower Sports for Girls with Special Needs
    T 9/8-10/13, 5:45pm
KCE Run Club
  T-W-TH, 9/8-10/29 3:45pm
Fencing for Kids
    W 9/9-10/28 3:30pm
Band Instrument Lessons
    TH, 9/10-10/15, 1/2 hour lesson
Art with Matt
    Thursdays, 9/10-10/15 3:30pm
    Fridays, 9/11-10/16 3:30pm
Bomber Lacrosse Camp for Girls
    3rd - 5th grade | 6th - 8th grade
    Sundays, 9/13-10/18 1:30pm
Crazy Mixed Up Art for PreSchoolers
    W 9/9 - 10/14 10:00am
Pee Wee Soccer
    TH 9/10 - 10/22 3:30pm
Start Smart Soccer
    S, 9/12-10/17 9:00am
High School
New & Revised PSAT/SAT Prep Course
    Mondays 9/8-10/12 or Tuesdays 9/9- 10/13 7pm
Bocce Club    Fridays, 9/11-10/16 2:45pm
Unicycle    Thursdays, 9/10-10/22 2:45pm

Adult Activities
NEW! Individual Piano Lessons
    T 9/1-11/30 call for 1/2 hour class
Private Spanish Lessons
    T 9/1-11/30 call for 1 hour class
Dog Obedience
    Intermediate - T 9/8-10/20, 7-8pm
    Advanced - TH 9/10-10/22, 8-9pm
Digital Photography     W 9/9-9/23 7:00pm

Health & Fitness
Morning Workout    M-T-TH, 9/8-10/22 8:30am
Morning Yoga    T & TH, 9/8-11/19 9:30am
Yoga ~ Spirit ~ Renewal    T 9/8-12/15 9:00am



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